Interfulgent, pronounced inter-‘ful-djent, is derived from the Latin word for shining.

Interfulgent Institute trains energy therapists from the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond, and it represents graduates’ and members’ interests within larger organisations.

The adjective “interfulgent” is used to describe something which shines through and between that which would otherwise obscure it, such as sunshine through clouds or the leaves of trees. The interfulgent process of energy healing gives this institute its name, and we honour the light of spirit and consciousness that guides all healing.

Core values

As depicted by the two ii’s in the logo, the Interfulgent Institute holds the following core values within its wider code of practice:


Healing work is a dynamic unfolding between the energy fields of healer and client, as well as the wider fields around both, which requires the healer to be in a state of openness, fluidity and respect.


A strong and wide foundation in healing skills and professional practice allows energy therapists to work with confidence and safety, knowing their boundaries and limits of competence, with honest and clear communication to clients.